Throughout  childhood, then as a student, biologist and Homeopath, the natural world has always been a source of wonder and interest to me.

As a biology student at Portsmouth University in the 1970’s I studied ecology, which was then in it’s infancy and thought radical in expounding principles of inter-dependency between plant and animal species, man and the physical world.  These relationships are now commonly recognised in terms of man’s stewardship and reliance on the environment.  We are nourished and sustained by food from nature, but can also benefit from the various plants, animals and minerals that mirror (and therefore relieve) the health disturbances we experience. 

Ten years after graduating, with the intervening time spent as science officer for the Tropical Products Institute and latterly facilitator at IBM’s UK education centre, I was made aware of the potential of Homeopathy by attending initially as a patient.  It was in 1985, when the intense gastric pain I had been experiencing for 18 months, disappeared two weeks after receiving homeopathic treatment.  There was some indefinable additional quality to that healing experience which I know many patients share.  Without the pain I would not have discovered Homeopathy and be here today as a practitioner of this wonderful system for employing nature's medicines safely, for the benefit of others.

I have now  been in full-time practice since completing my studies at The London College of Homeopathy in 1991.  In addition to a first degree in Biology, as a graduate of the College of Homeopathy I am entitled to use the qualification MCH and RSHom: as a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths (the principal governing body in the UK).  

Witnessing the benefits that my patients have achieved is gratifying, but the quest to refine one‘s skills continues and so I regularly attend seminars held by internationally renowned Homeopathic teachers such as Doctors Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Alize Timmerman and Linda Johnston.  Recent developments in homeopathy have resulted in greater and more enduring results for patients and humanity in general.  Alongside my full-time Homeopathic practice, I am supported by my wife and  daughter who share my interest in Homeopathy.  Out of hours, and from our home in the Sussex village of Bosham, we draw inspiration from our surroundings with the sea and coastline of Chichester Harbour and the beautiful South Downs nearby.

A substance that creates particular symptoms will also cure those symptoms - our disturbance is mirrored then released.

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