Homeopathic remedies are carefully prepared, diluted and physically energised medicinal substances taken from nature. 

Minute amounts of raw materials are required and so Homeopathy‘s “green credentials“ are pristine. Each remedy has been tested on volunteers and their reactions have been carefully recorded.  This information has been meticulously documented and published in Homeopathic literature over the last 200 years and this reference data is used for the study of remedies and their identification  during case-taking. 

In orthodox western medicine, symptoms are mistakenly thought of as “the disease“  and are frequently suppressed without regard to the impact on a patient’s long-term health. Homeopaths view all observable symptoms as valuable to the patient and are the body's best attempt at healing or compensation.

These symptoms occur as a response to deeper disturbances that have occurred within our self-maintaining "energy-body".  In acute conditions, symptoms such as painful swellings, inflammation and fever are sufficiently intense to return us to health un-aided.  However in chronic disease, symptoms persist because these healing responses, e.g. the array of symptoms expressed, are not sufficient by themselves to  provoke  recovery unless an external stimulus is provided. 

When a remedy whose well-documented effects on volunteers (known as a proving) matches the characteristic pattern of distressing symptoms and sensations, it is said to be “homeopathic” to that patient.

The administration of a correct remedy temporarily intensifies symptoms. This initial action can be so mild as to be impercebtible.  As recovery is achieved, the deeper vital disturbance is extinguished and  there is no requirement for us to produce symptoms, so they subside.  The action of a correctly selected homeopathic remedy can also bring-on a feeling of euphoria, invigoration and energy release.  You feel so much better!

   Themes common to tree remedies are those of duty, despondency, despair, exhaustion and tasks can appear insurmountable.

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