Advice on Covid-19 virus plus variants: Homeopathy has an excellent record for boosting immunity to minimise contagion and there are many good remedies available for addressing the symptoms arising from this disease.  Long Covid symptoms can and do respond.

Homeopathy is  applicable for so many conditions because homeopathic case-taking and prescribing does not centre on just a diagnosis or name of a disease, but on the patient’s uniquely expressed totality of feelings, sensations and symptoms. 

Many enquirers want to know what homeopathy can achieve for a named disease. At present, The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) through the auspices of The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is suppressing reasonable claims  for homeopathic efficacy within the content of practitioners' websites.  However, for more information on the range and scope of homeopathy and to sample an array of "heart-warming"  testimonials from patients, just follow this link:

If headache symptoms are part of “the picture” or the patient's major concern, there are more than 1800 documented homeopathic "headache" remedies available, and potentially many more, as yet, undiscovered.  Only those remedies which match the patients description of their headache will be effective, so precision is required. 

For example, the patient may say specifically that “it is a throbbing headache in my forehead, that is worse for stooping, walking and the heat of the sun.”  This information may lead the practitioner to consider the plant remedy Belladonna, if other indications confirm that selection.  This process of very accurately recording sensations is repeated for all observable symptoms and also importantly for such factors as life circumstances, sensitivities and disposition which are included and considered when deciding on a suitable medicine. 

 A single well-matched remedy can be appropriate for what may appear at first to be a range of disparate physical problems occurring in different parts of the body, whilst also adressing any mental and emotional disturbances. These may include depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and phobias which are examples of what can occur as part of the overall picture. In other words, Homeopathy is not bound by the names of diseases and it’s effect can be  comprehensive, going far beyond what is conventionally considered as beneficial .

Patients with serious pathology who are managed with prescribed medication can safely add homeopathy to their regime.    This process should be welcomed and reviewed for efficacy by doctors and consultants when possible and particularly for those that were not previously responding well to conventional treatment.    If you have a named disease or a condition but no diagnosis, please enquire to discuss how Homeopathy can help.  For information on peer reviewed and published cases you will find  and the link above very helpful. 

In ferns, repeating symmetry, allergy producing spores and invasive growth are some indications of their  medicinal uses in homeopathy.  

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