Long-standing conditions may require perseverance during which a sequence of remedies are administered over several months, sometime's longer.   Homeopathy does also have a spectacular record for speed of response; and with many patients experiencing relief and renewed vigour almost immediately after a suitable remedy is administered. 

Each person has their own timescale for responding to remedies, but as an experienced practitioner, I do my utmost to bring about a gentle, rapid response with the least intervention.  You are welcome to contact me to discuss a realistic estimate of the number and spacing of treaments required. 

The Homeopathic minimum dose is just that: and new clients find it a pleasant surprise that a complete course  may involve  the administration of very few pills.

  As well-being improves with good homeopathic prescribing, the probability of a future relapse is much lower than that for conventional medication, which often focuses on symptom relief  and side-steps the deeper need to address underlying causes.

Homeopathy does requires effort from both practitioner and patient; but the results that can be achieved make it a very rewarding experience.  

Convolvulus (bindweed) produces confusion, excitability, sadness, delusions and visions which is why it can assist in bi-polar disorder. 

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