Consultations comprise a friendly and informal interview, utilising my twenty-nine years as a practitioner to work with clients expressing a whole host of health complaints; including mothers-to-be and new-born babies right through to patients in their nineties. 

The purpose of the consultation is for the client to tell his or her story, to lead the practitioner to an understanding of past difficulties as well as what is currently being experienced.  The practitioner's next task is to analyse what has been said and recognise a coherent pattern of disturbance. That pattern is then matched to a remedy or remedies that correspond to the pattern, and which will therefore  best serve that particular patient.  

The patient’s own words and demeanour can often lead me directly to a suitable remedy choice.  The choice of remedy often need's to be confirmed by asking the patient to expand on what they have said, particularly where there is emphasis, i.e. what is important to them.  Infants and certain individuals may need to have a spokesperson to respond to the questioning.

The consultation itself has a value  that is independent of the homeopathic remedies prescribed.  Here, the patient can come to a greater realisation of their own predicament, as key information they reveal about themselves is reflected back deliberately or unconsciously by the practitioner.  Patients often tell me that the atmosphere they experience during the consultation gave them the opportunity to communicate deeply and in a way that had hitherto been impossible.


              The consultation is relaxed and yet focused, poviding time and opportunity for the patient to describe the "core of their disturbance." 


                                       The first consultation is for up to 70 minutes      

                                        Follow-up appointments are for up to 35 minutes

                                        Consultations take place at local clinics (see contact page), or with a home visit. 

                                        Telephone and skype consultations can also be booked.                                   

                                        For charges, please enquire by telephone on 07855 737018 or email

                                        15 minutes telephone advice for minor acute conditions are also available

                                        Domiciliary visits will attract a call-out charge depending on mileage/ out of hours)

                                        charges include remedies and postage except out of the UK


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